Soft beach

A couple of months ago I bought a ND grad and ND8 Cokin-type filters. I was always fond of those cotton like smooth water effects and other long daylight exposures – thought I could try this myself. Yesterday I finally got around to going to the beach (Gdynia Orłowo area, Poland) with my tripod, filters and stuff and to experiment a little. Weather was pretty dull and my skills and experience little (so far), so most of the photos turned out to be something far from what I have imagined. But, a couple went suprisingly ok. Especially when for 5 minutes, the light changed a little. Here’s the effect. What do you think?
p.s. I was too lazy to remove all the spots – it drizzled a little…

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  1. Very nice use of filters here to really make the gorgeous light shine smoothly on this fine landscape.

  2. yvan

    Great shot, simple, yet beautifully composed and executed. Congratulations!

  3. kerem

    Baiting the light…

  4. Kevin

    Lovely shot. Personally, I prefer the nice muted colours of this to the black and white version. Beautiful.


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